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Default Boxing - The most tempting sport to skip the basics

and to jump into the advanced moves and counters

anyone agree?

I recently have been going back to the basics, as do a few people in my gym now but im lucky im the newest there. I came from a mcdojo then went to an acual gym got beat up nicely and had to relearn everything, listened to my coaches but practiced advanced flashy looking combos, footwork, counterpunches. Now im back to the drawing board with footwork especially, im off position majority of the time to punch but it just clicked today the last moment in the gym when i asked my coach to move around a bit to show me how he moves so smoothly and is always in a position to attack. So now im relearning my footwork again but im glad that i caught on before i really made it a really bad habit.

A few people in my gym are having to work on there jab now, and other people with there footwork. It was odd watching the more experienced guy with a few fights having trouble with the basic footwork and now im constantly preaching to my brother not to jump into things, slow down, master the basics before doing any of those things.

Anyone had this problem?

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