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Default Re: One Fighting Championship thread

Cliff notes of the fights I have seen so far:

Jens Pulver should have retired years ago. I know that he needs the money, and that he just can't let it go, but he has no business in the ring anymore. Admittedly, he didn't look terrible, even dropping Kelly, but ultimately the game passed him many fights ago. Time to hang em up for real this time.

Rolles Gracie did what he needed to do, but it took him a bit too long to do it. He looked about twice the size of Bonello, but whatever. He isn't going to be a great fighter. Looked like he can go more than half a round now, at least. That's progress.

Andrei, once again, looked offensively nice, but defensively atrocious. When Timmy was tagging him left and right up against the cage, I thought it was over, but shockingly his chin was able to hold up to the assault. That finish was beautiful, despite the controversy. It's a stupid rule and Andrei should take solace in the fact that history will remember him as the victor. I think that this fight proves that neither guy belongs in there with top competition, which is more confirming everyone's long held beliefs than it is a revelation.

Bibiano, I believe, could a be a top five talent in the BW division, but he did not look great against Falciroli. Falciroli proved to have some excellent BJJ. Unfortunately for him, Bibiano is the wrong guy to show that off against. Nevertheless, he did much better in every area than I would have expected, and he made Bibiano look less than stellar in a fight he should have taken with relative ease. I still very much want to see him in the mix in the UFC, as I do believe that he is a top talent. A little older than I had thought, and 32, but that doesn't really seem to matter most of the time.

Still need to see a bunch of fights, but they haven't all been uploaded yet.
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