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Default Re: Does diet effect your performance?

I don't entirely agree that food won't affect stamina.
Although i'm not one that can explain this in scientific terms.
I do agree that 'gassing' has more to do with anaerobic conditioning than food. But eating properly has a less immediate effect on your workout. Someone that eats a suitable meal will be able to sustain a longer workout than someone who doesn't. Eating candies with refined sugars and flours will burn up quickly and leave you with little energy and motivation to get through it.
Fast food will have a high fat and protein content which will slow down digestion and that leads to indigestion. Also, digesting food itself consumes calories. So the effect is twofold - indigestion, and less energy available for activity.
So some simple rules are:
- Don't eat too close to your workout/activity (leave 1-1.5 hrs leeway)
- Don't eat large quantities of food
- Eat foods that are easy to digest

Fruits, whole grains, bread, granola bar, energy bar.... avoid things that irritate stomachs (like dairy and greasy/fatty foods) and/or provide a poor energy source like candy. Protein in moderation (avoid full servings of meat).

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can pick apart my unscientific comments and correct me. But much of this is common sense.

My favourite pre-workout meals are: whole wheat bagel or toast with peanut butter & jam or bananas, bananas, granola bar, apples, almonds, raisins.
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