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Default Re: How useful is boxing in street fighting ?

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
example a bouncer i worked with was a judoka and we were in massive brawl
which a bunch of jamican guys,
so of the jamican guys swings at my buddy,
my buddy easily ducks and takes him down,
and arm bars on the ground..........THEN......
one the jamican's came and steps on my friend's face,
and my resulted in need of a surgery on jaw,,,,

remember street fights are rarely 1-1
Your friend was in a brawl with more than one opponent and he decides to take someone to the ground and apply an arm bar? Is he a simpleton or something?

and on the ground a boxer has an advantage over an untrained guy due to speed,power etc
This makes no sense. I see many boxers that are around 120lbs. I weigh around 170lbs. You're saying these skinny little guys will overpower me purely because they box?

just like a wrestler standing up more able to take punches then an untrained guy because the same reasons...
Can you repeat this in English? I think you're saying a boxer will be able to take more punches? They probably can when they're wearing a couple of inches of padding on their hands. Bare knuckles to face, I doubt it.

all that being said, i have some crazy mofo's who never trained much of anything who have beaten up trained fighters
It's a lot more about psychology than people seem to think.
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