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Default Re: Is there any Benifit In Being A Right Handed SouthPaw?

I do that, it depends on the person.. i had 2 team mates who tried it but fail miserably. I can fight at a distance better as a southpaw with alot of snappy jabs. For first 2 weeks i just trained my left straight to actually throw it with power. Next 4 weeks i trained footwork, next 2 weeks head movement and eventually used it in sparring. Works amazing, when im orthodox for a long time the opponent won't hesitate much to throw jabs, i then switch to southpaw and he has to rethink his whole gameplan. He starts throwing jabs and i simple bomb him.

PS: I didn't train southpaw stance in the gym. It was all homework, i would used the tiles for my footwork, shadowboxing for the left straight and a rope for the headmovement. My footwork is slightly better as an orthodox as far as putting pressure but im only 16 and i thought i have more than enough time to learn both stances. It was fairly easy for me.

EDIT: Summary of it all, works for some, doesn't for others. Just try working on it at home and see how it goes. If you still feel uncomfortable after 1-2 weeks then forget it.
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