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Default Re: Drastic decrease in performance

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Mental tiredness, irritable mood etc. are common signs of overtraining. You could be doing easy workouts but the stress in your life is keeping your body and mind from recovering. Stress is stress regardless whether it's from exercise or personal problems, excitement or anxiety. Your body recognises it as the same and you need recovery from it.
Professional sports teams always give questionnaires to their players with questions asking about their mood and motivation. There is no level or intensity that is going to 'overtrain' everyone, there's a different level for each person and it varies for each person at different times.
Stop training because it's something that gets worse before it gets better. Eat plenty of carbs and try to relax. Athletes overtraining is very real and very different to the term 'overtraining' that gets thrown around in bodybuilding circles.
I definitely didn't know that, I only have 2 weeks left at this place..maybe just chillin out til I get home will help
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