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Default Re: Chad Dawson ko'd by Edison Miranda while sparring

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
apparantly this rumor has been started by jeff mayweather. now, everyone knows that mayweather has ties to boxing but also that his nephew floyd has ties to...gambling.

so what better way to inflate the odds of a fight between ward and dawson but to start a rumor of chad being ko'd(chad has never even been knocked down)in sparring?

i dont trust these mayweathers. floyd himself has all but said that he has wagered on his own fights.

thread starter is correct that the rumor is a legit rumor but the voracity of the rumor is at question. only a few people know the truth and if chad did get ko'd in sparring that is a very, very, very bad sign.
yes, how easy would it be that the same newbie poster had time to make threads just like this in as many boards as he could find? he prob has been tweeting it too..... its all a bunch of ****....
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