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Default Re: Movements over the ring

the guy in the video above freddie is practicing patterns and i'm curious if he knows why or if it's just a pattern. you want to be in control of your body, not your body in control of you. when he's doing his circle drill he does the same thing to the left or right; big step, small shuffle, cross his legs. in the big picture this is fine (b/c he'll learn how to adapt the next move off of this move) but this video is labelled "beginner" and these are advanced moves.

he also talks about "galloping" which looks great while shadow boxing but can take some time to perfect in practical application. a gallop will give you a moment of a small base (feet less than your shoulders). remember that your base is there to support you while you either apply force and have force applied to you. it takes practice to master your range and timing with this to make galloping super effective, but can be super valuable to gain quick distance on a retreating opponent. again, advanced.

skills are not inherently good or bad, they're situational. crossing your legs are bad for your base but give a narrow target. practice what to do from that narrow target both offensively and defensively. a problem with crossing your legs only when you're safe is that you're giving your "tell" away. everytime you relax and cross your legs your opponent will know there's nothing to worry about. try looking like you're ready at every moment and and when you internally relax he won't know it and he'll still be on his toes.

and advanced and stylish are not the same thing. everything in the ring has purpose to it.
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