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Default Re: Movements over the ring

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
This is the video I watched and learned from when I first decided to step in the ring and practice movement:

I know it's bad to cross your legs, but I feel more comfortable moving this way and never cross my legs when I'm in range of being hit.

Freddie Roach says never to cross your legs in this video, but I notice he does something similar around the 4:25 mark when he moves to his left.

While watching old Sugar Ray Leonard matches, I noticed he does something similar too when moving laterally.

Any cons to moving this way?
Would you say you have athletic tributes like leonard? If so then go ahead if not and even if you are athletic, just stick with the basic footwork. You want to be. In attacking position all the time. Are you comfortable punching, can you put power into your punches, can you hit the target and punch right when your legs are crossing?

This is my honest opinion, basics are the best. I learned my lesson when I finally learned in the ring, I was off balance, would cross my legs, could not punch properly because I'd be in a position where I couldn't throw a punch want to be able to sort of be in the position to always attack. Like when you step out of punching range in an angle then be able to step in and fire back right away. I always wondered how my coach was always in position to do this when stepping out in an angle so fluently. It's the basic footwork that made it look fluid. The only time to cross your legs would be the only time you're oponent would not strike, because he's too far out of range but even then you have those guys who like to lunge and you wanna take advantage of everry moment. You can get fancy out of range but a lot of fancy looking footwork takes you out of position to fire back. Just my two cents
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