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Default Re: Movements over the ring

Originally Posted by Matty lll View Post
What do you mean stylish?
Like Sugar Ray or Pernell Whitaker or Mike Tyson. Just looks special

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
you trying to move like cashflow?
I watched the video. One guys moves with drop-step, the other one does side to side movements. What do you exactly mean by "move like cashflow"?

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
This is the video I watched and learned from when I first decided to step in the ring and practice movement:
Thanks! Post more like this!

Originally Posted by BoxinScienceUSA View Post
everything in the ring has purpose to it.
Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
If so then go ahead if not and even if you are athletic, just stick with the basic footwork. You want to be. In attacking position all the time. Are you comfortable punching, can you put power into your punches, can you hit the target and punch right when your legs are crossing?

This is my honest opinion, basics are the best.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your opinions. You are right from the standpoint of how to calll it? survival in the ring maybe?
Ray Leonard used to say: "I never said I want to be a world champion. I always said that I want to be special." So, he talks from the standpoint of performance

Well, I won't be worldchampion. This is already clear But I can still try to be special
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