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Default Re: Fixed the problem with my left hook

I hate moments like these where it's acually so obvious too but no one really tells you the problem to how to fix it. Last week I sparred, jab was perfect, nice loose and snappy. The only problem was when I stepped in with the jab, my sparring partner was able to see it comming. I eventually told the guy, great sparring match and complimented him on the good hits he landed as he did the same and then I asked if my jabs were better and he said they were, much faster and stronger then finally told me whenever I stepped in with the jab imy shoulder gives it away unlike when I stand in place and jab where it is not telegraphed. This was jab sparring btw. Man did I feel stupid after, my coach always said it'll just click in your head. This was the case for when I finally punched loose and snappy but luckily someeone saved me the time of telling me specifically what was wrong.
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