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Default Got Knocked Down for the first time, 4 month in!

Well, I kneed down actually. I was ****ed of at myself, not the fella who outweighed me by 20 pounds and was throwing punches like I had a knife in my hand.

I got hit by a left hook in sparring, Micky Ward Style, It knocked the ****ing air out of me, but I was still standing, then he continued and trippled the thing up, after that I had to knee. Got up 3 seconds later, round ended. I have remarkable recovery skills, might I add

I'm ****ed because there is practically nobody in my gym around my size, Im only 126 pounds! But people have this perception that I weigh 147! I would go in and correct my mistakes, but the gym is closed all next week for maintenance, bad way to end the week.

I feel like low tier garbage. But there is always room for improvment!
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