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Default Re: Clinch Fighting In MMA

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Do you guys enjoy clinch fighting in MMA. It seems to be, along with lay and pray, one of the most of putting aspects of the game to casual fans when new to watching the sport

It certainly has provided us with some highs (Wanderlei v Rampage) and some lows (Kongo's career). But it definitely is a subtle art with multiple different facets, uses and disciplines. From Muay Thai strikes (Anderson, Shogun), to dirty boxing (Frye, Randy) to takedowns (Fedor, Jon Jones) to submissions (Aoki, Rousey) and so on, it certainly has a lot more to offer a spectator than just plain ''hugging''

So who are some of the best clinch fighter/fight and who/what are the worst?

What are the strengths and weakness' of each particular style when matched up with each other?

Has one discipline proved more effective than the rest during the growth of MMA?

And have you gained a greater appreciation for the clinch game since you started watching the sport or do you yell at the TV for the Ref to separate fighters?
I'm not sure it can even be called subtle. The reason why we don't see it much is because there are few bonafide strikers in MMA anymore. I love to watch the clinch game. Going to be a sad day when Henderson finally retires. Was a big part of MMA in the early days. Its been retired with all the vets that have left the sport.
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