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Default Re: Trout gets caught out! Mundine was telling the Truth!

Originally Posted by dominator View Post
That's the issue with Mundine in relation to not taking the fight.

Mundine said he was searching for bigger and better things by not taking the Trout fight (in addition to the messing around from both camps with inking the fight) and now Trout has scored a fight with Cotto, which was a goal of Mundines.

He'll have to fight someone credible in his next fight to provide some justification for his course of action.

I wonder how much Trout will be making from the Cotto fight? Given Cotto has made almost $20m in his past two fights with Margarito and Mayweather, you would think he would make some handy coin.
Austin Trout came away with the the big fight on the big network. While Anthony Mundine fought a relative nobody in front of less than 300 paying cutomers. Hopefully Mundine will fight a somebody next up. Another opponent the level of McKart and he might as well not bother.
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