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Default Re: So...has Frank ****** started hitting the golf courses yet?

Yeah, ****** has payed through his nose to have his precious hyped up bum-beater exposed. Macca is a good guy but he bought the hype, which at 27, he shouldn't have done...he is no longer of Amir Khan's age, after all.

As to Enzo one could take him seriously after the comments he made about Haye...he always got away with making outlandish claims because Joe Calzaghe was chequing his cheques to the full...but Macca...well...Macca is no Joe Calzaghe.

Still, I liked Macca before the fight. He didn't give it the big mouth-off, he was polite and he spoke highly of his opponent and kept his feet on the ground. Nice one, Big Mac. Time for Macca to go back to his level of competition now and to stop acting like a great Champion...he's never been one and he never will be. Hopefully, now that he's tasted bitter ownage, he'll have the ***** to get into the ring with some better fighters, to prove his worth, even if he loses some along the way.
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