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Default Re: Geale vs mundine.50\50 split..

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
3000. So what?
Further "so what"

He did not sell near 3000 vs sturm, let's pretend he did just for you though
(less than half that though)
3000x$40 ppv is?????? $120000. Of that he has to pay percentage to main event for broadcasting, Grange, travel yada yada yada, He did not make $200000 vs Sturm!
Vs Choc, likely scenario
Sold out Acer arena 20 000 tickets (more but keeping it simple for you) @ AVG $100 = $2,000 000
PPV (conservative) 20 000 @ $50 (mundines prices) = $1, 000000
Sponsorship etc etc etc $$$$$

Geale would bank in excess of a million, likely Geale loses again and they make it a trilogy, Geale can bank in excess of a million again.

Do you honestly believe there is a fight in the world in which Geale will bank even $500k, let alone over a million that does not involve Choc?
Your ****ing dreaming if you do
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