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Default Re: Is Greg Jackson killing the sport?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Well, it all boils down to intentions. The most decisive manner of victory is finishing your opponent inside the distance. If you go into a fight trying to finish your opponent and time happens to run out, that is one thing. Going into the fight thinking it is going to go the distance, and fighting to win by not losing is another.

Look at why this sport developed. The sport developed mainly out of trying to prove the best discipline for self defense. This best way to demonstrate this was in a fight with limited rules(no eye gouging, biting, or throat strikes) and no time limits. The winner had to finish the opponent. BJJ ultimately proved to be the superior fighting style.

Fights had to become timed for television purposes. Promoters purchase blocks of air time for events, and there is no way to ensure an event ends on time without time limits. This is why a scoring method became necessary.

Today, mma is not as much about proving the better style. However, it is about proving who the best fighter is. This should come down to finishing opponents. I realize it is impossible for a fighter to win inside the distance every time out, but they should still try. Condit had no intentions of finishing Diaz. Condit was fighting for a points victory. Victory by decision is not what mma is about. Fighting for the finish is what mma is about.
All this is opinion. Yea, I like it too when fighters try to finish fights, but I am not going to condemn a fighter if he doesn't go for the finish, when it is clear that he's minimizing his chances of winning if he goes for it. I am not sure that there is any fighter alive right now that could finish Nick Diaz. So having that in mind, I can't accuse Condit of 'fighting safety first' or whatever. He did what he had to do to win vs a tough as nails fighter with an incredible chin.

Fighting to win by not losing? Wtf does that mean? If you were a HW boxer and you had to fight Oliver McCall, would you try to knock him the **** out, or try to outscore him? Do you think that people should give you **** if you won a pts victory? Come on now. Every fight is different. And we're talking about a guy (Condit) who has 26 finishes out of his 28 wins.
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