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Default Re: Ward stops Dawson in round 10

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
I heard somewhere Nazim Richardson (?) say that Ward actually can hit pretty hard he just doesn't chose to because he can control fights so much he doesn't need to or along those lines. That first left hook definitely had some spite to it. But Dawson has never been the most sturdy fighter, especially with the weight issue.

Definitely but thats just styles. Bika is a tough, ugly fighter whos strong as **** Ward is in a way a much, much more refined version of him. If they were to fight again I'm sure Ward would handle him a lot easier.

If Naz did say that I would agree.

I reckon Andre's punches are a lot like Floyd's. not necessarily a big heavy handed knock but defiantely has the power to keep opponents honest and stop them if he can land the punches he wants to.. He's so sharp and the technique is spot on so he catches people with punches they dont see. and when he sits on them and commits the power show's through like it did yesterday. its just he doesn't always commit to it like he did last night.

The way Andre shot his left hook and dipped out of the way of Chad's incoming right hook was a thing of beauty. very impressive show by Andre!
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