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Default Re: which soft skulled opponent will Danny Green smoke out next?

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Ty you alluded to earlier than Danny is still fighting due to being Angelo Hyders "cash cow". Does Angelo have some sort of mysterious psychological hold on Danny or something ? Angelo has openly abused and bullied Danny's brother yet Angelo is still there.
Its more a loyality thing than anything m8, Fenech kinda shat on Danny so Danny shat on him in return, Green sees Hyder as a man who can do no wrong and is just looking out for Dannys best intrest, oh how wrong is he lol, will take him a few yrs to come around once he has escaped from Hyders spell.

Dannys 2nd profession is a bar tender, thats right, he pours drinks behind a fckn bar and while he isnt doing that he is Mundines punching bag as 20a87 has pointed out
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