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Default Re: which soft skulled opponent will Danny Green smoke out next?

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
he is a qualified carpenter **** cheese, he worked in a lot of places whilst he was an amateur , such as bartending and sports shops because these positions provide flexible hours allowing him to train more etc. Why does any of that matter now? green could buy the whole trailer park you live in and not reach the bottom of his pocket.

These are the times where TC shows himself to be the complete ****wit that most know him to be.

As most know, I'm not Greenys biggest fan, but I also respect his and any other fighters privacy. I don't give a **** what he or any other fighter does in their spare time.

If I did show some interest, it would simply be because of curiosity, rather than to slander the poor ****s.

Which is all it seems that stinking vile **** TC can do.
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