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Default Re: which soft skulled opponent will Danny Green smoke out next?

Sox you dumb ****, the only reason this has been bought up is because numb nuts was comparing inteligence levels, i mearly pointed out that Danny is not inteligent and his 2nd profession was a bar tender, now that its been written that he was a carpenter makes it even more funny and displays the lack of inteligence on Dannys behalf, its quite possible Dan may have a soft part in his own skull. What kinda guy gives up a trade to go pour drinks for drunks?

Now Dawsos numb nuts, if Dan was so wealthy he would have hung them up LONG LONG ago, fact is he needs the money badly as he is being fleeced by Hyder and his crew. If you think he is so wealthy then why is he persisting in this crusade of his? Its plain and simple, GREED and desperation. The ONLY reason he steped it up with Tarrver and the POLE is because he was in the same boat Mundine was in, declining PPV numbers and everyone had enough of his bullsht other than the BRAINWASHED perth bogan fans that turn up to his fights, however u cant make a living from ticket sales alone, a vast portion of his income was and still is PPV sales.

Now best you cuddle up to your Danny Green pillow case and hope he can make LHW again you fool.
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