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Default Re: It shouldn't be about money or fame to all of us

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
Mundine's own country has written him off (again), people dismiss him as "done" or "wasted talent". People want to see him retire, they want him to **** off and shut up. I am sure Mundine can see the vultures of Australian boxing eyeing his dodgy hip and banking on him having poor punch resistance. Mundine would fight Geale for pride, he isn't ready to relinquish his throne just yet and as men we should get that.

Geale is the new darling of Australian boxing, humble, respectful and talented. Despite this he knows that everyone knows that "the man" had his scalp, that despite the plaudits he is a victim of Choc and always will be despite what he does. Geale needs to stop the whispers and redress the past, fight for revenge.

We as a forum are arguing about the wrong things, who cares about who makes what. The fact is when the first bell goes all we will be left with is pride against revenge, Mundine and Geale won't be giving a **** about money then - it will all be about the win.

If you want to talk about vultures, then you might want to speak to some of the undercard fighters that BOXA have used over the years.

They might have a very different view on who the actual vultures are.

Regarding his future, he made his own decisions for his own reasons so now he'll just have to live with the perceptions that the boxing public of Australia have of him.

It's only ever been about $$$$$ and only a fool would think otherwise.
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