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Default Re: THE RING P4P LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED. Congrats to Andre Ward & Anselmo Moreno.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
This depends on how you rank P4P fighters

Myself i look at ability, momentum and lastly resume / achievements

The mere fact that Abraham has been given a mention is quite literally " clutching at straws " the guy is a limited 1-2 upright european fighter with next to no " pure talent " and relies on brut strength and force

Pacquiao would stop Abraham now without a doubt regardless of size

Ward has one stoppage win in his exploits at the top of the sport worth raving over, Pacquiao has a highlight reel !!, im sorry they dont compare
Well your criteria is the same as mine then. 2012 Ward is ahead of 2012 Pac in terms of ability and momentum clearly, and in my opinion has enough of a resume to clearly put him ahead.

I don't see why you're acting like Abraham is the crux of my argument . He's just part of what Ward has done in the last two years, and even if you don't count him, going 2-0 against Froch/Dawson is a lot more impressive than going 1-1 against Marquez/Bradley.

You're right about one thing, 2012 Ward and 2012 Pac don't compare, and since ya know, it's 2012, and this P4P ranking list is for, ya know, 2012, Ward deserves the higher ranking.

And I'll leave you with that. P4P debate is as subjective as it gets but I feel I've made as much of my point as I can make.
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