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Default Re: THE RING P4P LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED. Congrats to Andre Ward & Anselmo Moreno.

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
floyd's last 3 fights:

2010: mosley - shot
2011: ortiz - overhyped quitter
2012: cotto - pac's leftover

so floyd has since 2010 has only 3 fights against 1 shot fghter and 1 overhyped quitter and you think he is the best?
if those 3 are bad wins then what is

Mosley-even older
jmm-38 year old light weight
Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
First off, post a list, then pick at others !!!

Secondly, Pacquiao has done things Marquez is not capable of doing, brutal KO of Hatton, brutal demolition job on a prime Cotto, and the exploits above 140, Marquez stylistically matches Pacquiao really well, and is a better tactician, and yes i do believe he beat Pacquiao (3rd time) but overall i still have Manny ranked higher than Marquez due to achievements / standing in the sport !!

Marquez is a 4 weight world champion who began his career as a FW, Andre Ward is the closest thing there can be to an " undisputed " champion of ONE weight class

Marquez has fought the elite of the sport for well over a decade, Ward is just beginning to taste the elite of the sport right now !! , big difference, Ward will go on to be a P4P great, maybe #1 by this time next year, but Marquez right now is higher than Ward P4P based on what he's achieved & resume

Cotto once again is in there on achievements and ability, he is probably the best WW on the planet barring Mayweather and Pacquiao, he's without doubt top 3 @154 too, he's won and held world titles at 140, 47, & 54, he defines the term P4P, thats why he ranks P4P

Post your list up, then we can dance ...............................
either manny won or loss to manny either way one should not be ranked so high


Originally Posted by Leonard View Post
why do people try to take it away from pac that him and jmm had a really close fight. pac did not lose to a shot version of jmm. he fought a well prepared jmm who bulked up really good and have always had pac's number as seen in the previous 2 fights. i know, pac has long since moved to 147, but still jmm was huge in that fight and looked good and not shot at all.

it should more of a testament to jmm's greatness as well as pac's. these two were top pfp fighters when they fought. they should be at the top still and let the others like donaire and sergio to prove themselves more.

also, people take away too much from pac from the bradley loss. again that was a close fight but should have been pac's w, or worst case, a draw. still, bradley is a very decent opponent.
either pac or jmm lost and therefore cant be ranked so damn high
Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
So just who from Kessler, Froch & Dawson is better than Barrera, Morales, Marquez & Cotto ??? ..........................
did he fight morales,barerra in the last 3 years??? and cotto is cool..but yea he beat jmm but at ww and he is a damn lightweight..did floyd get theat credit aswell??
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