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Default Re: martinez takes 1.4 million for chavez fight

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
I don't give a shot what my "credibility" on this forum is.

9 times out of 10, it is the Australians who are the ones spouting off, look at any sports thread involving the UK in the lounge, it takes only a few post before one of your lot is in there, giving it the "pommy ***got" "soap dodging scum" or whatever other tired old tripe they **** out.

As soon as someone fires back it's "oh G'day mate, can't take a joke eh" like it's ok when you say it but not in reverse.

I am tired of your bull****, and if any Aussie tried it on me in real life i'd tell them they were ****ing boring and to change the ****ing record, because they are coming across as a typical arrogant aussie *****. and if they want to "fight" because of that, fine then i'll test what they are made of, but so far all ive got back is exactly what i get on here "oh take a joke brah"

Oh, i'll take a joke, but when you've said it 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 times, it's no longer funny.
who else besides wide open road refers to the english as soap dodging scum . Sure you get the stupid aussie bogans who use racist stereotypes to pile **** on people, but isn't that exactly what you were doing before when you were talking about how we are all arrogant and obnoxious etc, that's just blatantly hypocritical. As i said before, you get ****heads in every single race, in fact it is probably the one thing that ties all races together, the existence of ****heads, but to come on to the australian forum and constantly goad us about our boxing prowess and our fighters, then make claims like those in your post above is downright ridiculous and the definition of hypocrisy yet again. Get a life and maybe you'll make some international friends
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