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Default Re: martinez takes 1.4 million for chavez fight

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
who else besides wide open road refers to the english as soap dodging scum . Sure you get the stupid aussie bogans who use racist stereotypes to pile **** on people, but isn't that exactly what you were doing before when you were talking about how we are all arrogant and obnoxious etc, that's just blatantly hypocritical. As i said before, you get ****heads in every single race, in fact it is probably the one thing that ties all races together, the existence of ****heads, but to come on to the australian forum and constantly goad us about our boxing prowess and our fighters, then make claims like those in your post above is downright ridiculous and the definition of hypocrisy yet again. Get a life and maybe you'll make some international friends
I've got plenty of international friends.

I can tell from your posts you seem like a level headed guy, i have no issue with you.

If i have a go at the "bad apples" don't take it personally.

Martinez would KO Geale though, sorry that's nothing against Australia or Geale, Martinez is just class above, anyone except Golovkin he stops.
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