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Default Re: martinez takes 1.4 million for chavez fight

Originally Posted by swilson120 View Post
Ok mad earl what do u make of ward vs calzaghe???
It is a tough one for me, Andre Ward looks "unbeatable" right now, but we all know that no such concept exists.

The top Fighters we have seen him in with:

Froch - Slow as molasses
Abraham - Small, slow, inactive
Kessler - not quick, straight lines, predictable
Dawson - weight drained, mentally fragile, poor movement.

All four of the above had A) LOST B) had GLARING FLAWS and C) Can only fight ONE WAY

A guy like Calzaghe, can you tell me, even now what were his flaws? He can switch his game mid fight, make adjustments better than those above, he would beat all of the above AT LEAST as impressive as Ward did, if not more so.

I see Froch and Abraham getting the Jeff Lacy treatment tbh, That Version of Kessler would do much worse, and Chad Dawson would have no more luck than he did against Ward.

I can tell you, Andre Ward does not have the stamina to do 12 rounds at pace, Joe Calzaghe does, Andre Ward tired late against Froch, Calzaghe would make ward fight at a MUCH higher pace.

I see it as a fight of three sections

Early - Joe wins early rounds while Ward Adapts

Middle - Ward Adapts, begins to win rounds

End - Calzaghe Switches Gears, Ward is Tired, Calzaghe takes late rounds.

So to me, the question is what is the split.

Calzaghe only needs to take the first 3 rounds and the last 4, and he's won the fight, Ward can have the 5 in the middle.

What is the split?
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