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Default Re: Paul Heyman backs Brock Lesnar as UFC Hall of Famer

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Put up an actual argument instead of just crying like a ***** about how you don't like the guy.

You want to talk about context?

Brock is the most high-profile guy to ever compete in the sport of professional MMA.



Not just the most high-profile major-org champion with multiple title defences. He's the most high-profile athlete ever to compete in the sport, full stop.

He took the title belt from a fellow HOFer, and defended it successfully against another former champion and then again against an undefeated interim champion. All of these victories were stoppages. Much as you hate it, that's a very successful career results-wise. And Brock was no can crusher. He fought the top dogs of the division.

You want more context?

Brock was half dead from a life-threatening illness for most of his career, and still won the title and defended it multiple times. His losses to Cain and Overeem came when he was physically shot.

But that's neither here nor there. All you need to know when considering the question is, Brock was a decorated champion with multiple title defences, and nobody else has ever caused more people to give a **** about an MMA event.

He's a first-ballot UFC HOFer, no questions asked. Can't even make a realistic argument for why he shouldn't be in there. Which is why the arguments against him in this thread are nothing but crying and hating.

I'll would post more in details the day you finish our 4 previous argument...


Bold part arn't CONTEXT. Bold part are

1) you using a stupid criteria


B)taking excuse from a fighter....AGAIN....even though you said that's not the kind of thing you would do....

Context is when you check when he won and defended it's title, those years were weak for the HW division in the UFC. THAT'S CONTEXT.

I'm not hating the guy, I hate Mir(and Mir deserve to be in the HOF, not Lesnar), I hate Sonnen, I just think Lesnar is irrelevant in MMA, he surfed his WWE fame and manage to bring **** load of HIS fan (not MMA fans, maybe some of them sticked and watch MMA, but most of them left with Lesnar) to watch the sport for the time he was there...nothing more, nothing less. If you think that's HOF worthy then....your an idiot.

I miss the days when HOF meant that you actually did something in a sport, not just use your popularity to get a title shot .

But who cares after's just MMA, not like this is a serious sport...
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