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Default Re: Geale wouldn't draw ten people in USA - Freddie Roach

Originally Posted by StiffJab View Post
Ty Ty Ty, you need to relax bro. Those 2 titles he has are 2\3 of the undisputed championship. Thats bigger than 80% of names in boxing my friend.

People paid to watch Joe calzaghe vs Jones Jr and Hopkins and nobody in the US knew who the **** he was.

For a geale fan your sure have a strange way of showing it...
Im relaxed m8, i know he has 2/3 of the undisputed championship but to be Undisputed champion you need all three titles and if Chavez wins this weekend then he will have to face Chavez to win the 3rd title. Ive seen a few boxers like Geale win world titles m8 and they havent been able to make much money from the titles because either they lack the personality to put bums in seats or they have a boring boxing style.

Calzaghe vs Jones Jr cant be compared to Geale v Chavez mate, dont even come close. Hopkins vs a nobody perhaps. I appreciate Geales style and the way he has gone about winning the titles but im not suggesting like JL that he is the best thing since sliced bread. I honestly think he will get his ass handed to him by either Martinez or Chavez but i give him props for keeping his eye on the prize. Unfortunate that this is not enough when it comes to boxing, you must have a personality and or a kick ass boxing style that puts bums in seats and sells PPV's Geale has neither, so please m8 dont shoot me for pointing out the obvise and sharing what a well known Trainer has stated about Geale. Roach knows his sht and is not some hick just spouting off.

@DK, love your work
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