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Default Re: Training overhaul

It's been a few months without updating my log. At the moment I'm just GTG'ing with chins/pull-ups and rings dips. Sometimes bodyweight, sometimes with a 24 kg kettlebell attached. A few times a day I'll do a couple of muscle-ups.

Twice a week I'm deadlifting and overhead pressing.

Basically doing ****-allbut somehow I'm in the best shape I've been in for ages. This has coincided with a return to a lot of long, steady work as opposed to the shorter, more intense **** I've been doing for years. Lots of recreational, enjoyable stuff like cycling, kayaking, jogging etc (along with IF'ing), has ensured that this old **** finds himself weighing under 78 kgs for the first time in years and with visible abs despite not particularly aiming for them

Just aiming to keep ticking over like this with an occasional track session to see if I can get a sub-60 second 400 metres (I'm a daft **** who likes to set myself random tasks)
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