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Default Re: MMA is in a Slump? Agree?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I HATE the IPL. (Indian Premier League - a big-money cricket competition.) Hate it. Hate what it is, hate what it represents. Hate how focused it is on corporate greed and short-term profits. Hate what it does to the game.

So what? I don't sit on cricket forums for years doing nothing but *****ing about how the IPL sucks, and whining that anyone who likes it is a fanboy moron, and moaning that anyone who didn't watch Warne bowl in his prime knows nothing about cricket.

Tbf though i reckon there are plenty that do

First, it's not a bad thing for one org to have prominence. Every one of us here would have LOVED to see Fedor vs Brock a few years ago. Why didn't it happen? Promotional companies couldn't agree on terms, so the fight never happened. Same **** as with Pac-May. Having all the talent in one org is good for fans, so long as the top guys fight each other on the regular. Which they do. There are not many joke title defences in the UFC, and the most deserving challenger almost always gets his shot.

Second, the rise of the UFC has put thousands and thousands of young guys in MMA training gyms all over the world. It's caused hundreds of MMA gyms to open, filling a demand that simply wasn't there in the West in the pre-Zuffa era.

For example, the UFC isn't going to open up and run an Australian circuit. Australian MMA promotions will emerge as the local talent emerges to make profitable shows possible. No sense trying to run MMA events in Australia pre-Zuffa - the sport had zero credibility. After the UFC hosted PPVs in Sydney? Now an Australian MMA circuit becomes feasible.

Some very valid points my only issue is the way the sport will develop with only one main company it can start to stagnate and doesn't have the pressure of needing to improve

Agreed. That sounds almost ideal.

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