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Default Re: MMA is in a Slump? Agree?

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
I'm with you on this Haggis, particularly the last bit.

As u know I'm just a casual MMA follower, but I can see there is to much focus on the UFC which is obviously going though a bit of a transition. I think with what's going on around the world at grass roots level and with all the organisations popping up I think the future's never looked better for MMA.

Change is inevitable in all things. Some change is good and some is bad. One thing I di know, the change that has happened in MMA is good, very good for the fighters and to me that's what the bottom line is.

If you call yourself a fan you'll love the sport and support the sport worts and all, ups and downs. If you wanna see elite fighters fight, pay them buy that PPV and enjoy it.
I support the sport of mma, in regards to UFC they have done alot of good for the sport but also have a fair few negative points.
I have followed since the start of UFC and Pride and will always watch the fights even if i don;t always agree on the way the organisations are run.
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