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Default Re: MMA is in a Slump? Agree?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post

At this current moment in time:

* MMA is more visible and easier to access than EVER before.

* MMA has finally overcome the "human ****fighting" label, and for the first time it is recognized as a legitimate sport, with its participants regarded as serious professional athletes.

* Top MMA stars have now broken through to the mainstream, getting huge endorsement deals with massive companies.

* The biggest sports network on the planet has made a half-billion-plus dollar, seven-year commitment to grow the sport into a mainstream attraction. Regular MMA events will be hyped during NFL games and broadcast live at primetime on the same channel as the big sports.

* Every major sports website now has a "UFC" or "MMA" section, instead of not covering MMA at all because it's completely irrelevant in the sporting world.

* MMA gyms are opening up all over the world in numbers the sport has never seen before.

* Thousands upon thousands of guys have begun training MMA in the last two, three, five years, who never would have set foot in an MMA gym pre-Zuffa.

* Major MMA events are being hosted in arenas all over the world. Guys in Sweden, Australia, Brazil, England, Germany, they can all feel like they're connected to the big show. This has never been the case before.

And it goes on. But ask the typical ESB MMA forum "expert", and what do you get?

*****ing and crying and moaning about the loss of the sport's "good old days" when nobody gave a **** about MMA, it was completely irrelevant in the sporting world and it was one step up from being totally extinct.

Also ufc is harder to access now in the uk than it used to be, it used to be shown the day after the ppv for free and now you have to buy an additional channel to watch the fights. They also used to show alot of old ufc stuff on tv and that never happens now.
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