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Default Re: MMA is in a Slump? Agree?

Originally Posted by dillinja View Post
Also ufc is harder to access now in the uk than it used to be, it used to be shown the day after the ppv for free and now you have to buy an additional channel to watch the fights. They also used to show alot of old ufc stuff on tv and that never happens now.

It's the exact opposite here. Used to be absolutely nothing on TV, now on pay-TV (which everyone has) they show all the non-PPV US cards. Also two or three days a week they show "UFC Unleashed" which is just Joe Rogan introducing classic fights. Saw GSP-Penn and Cro Cop-Gonzaga on there the other day.

And the PPVs in NZ are about 1/3rd the price of PPVs in the US. I split the cost three ways with two of my mates. If we go to Mickey Dee's before the fights, a Big Mac combo costs about 50% more than a 1/3rd share of a PPV.

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