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Default Re: Dana going off on one!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
Only Dana gets to be a business man. The fighters and their representatives should do what they're told to by Zuffa and keep their mouths shut no matter how ridiculous Zuffa's demands are (e.g. them trying to force Shogun to fight Jones at UFC 152 when he was still on medical suspension and wouldn't even be cleared to start training until a week before the fight). Let's ignore the fact that Zuffa only cares about the bottom line and will exile any of these guys to minor league promotions in second if they want to.

I'm so sick of this guy and his ****ing fake tough guy shtick and the MMA sheeple who buy into it. I can't believe that there are bunch of so-called fight fans foaming at the mouth about a ****ing trainer day in and day out on message boards because Dana keeps popping off about him in the media.

They promote this loudmouthed **** more than their actual fighters.

**** like this is why Zuffa is failing. No wonder they've lost half their audience in the past two years.

Yeah, they should make everything revolve around the fighters. **** the promotional company that travels internationally to host shows in new markets around the globe at massive expense to themselves. **** the company that struggled and spent millions to get MMA to the stage where it is actually considered a real sport. And **** the promotor who tells the fans exactly what he's thinking and tries to make the matchups that the fans want to see.

What MMA really needs is a handful of fighters making $20 million per fight, like it is in boxing. That way they can fight six times in six years, like Mayweather. And that way if Shogun doesn't feel like defending his title against Jones, he just wouldn't fight him. Why would he fight Bones for $20 million when he can make $12-15 million to fight Vera? Sure the fans wanted to see him fight Jones, but **** them. He'd rather hang onto the belt and pick and choose a walkover defence once a year.

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