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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
You're right Somluck is Samart -esqe in his natual abitlty to read and anticiapte everything so dam easily. Like taking candy from a child in most fights.

His gym's called Sor.Kamsing, and yep he mostly trains guys these days. But what he's got how do you teach it?!?!? But we all know Somluck's where Saenchai learnt his trikiness and decptively good defensive skills. He's had a few very promising fighters the last few years one in particular that unforunately got KO, but I can't remember his name.....sorry.....
On the topic of natural talent and Samart, here's a clip of him and Malaipet doing some light technical sparring from 2005. Samart way past his prime, in his 40's, and still looking pretty good.

I think there's a mental component the most "natural" guys tap into, confidence, the ability to relax under pressure, have no fear and willingness to try techniques that others wouldn't. No doubt there are physical gifts they have too though.

I personally like Kongtoranee's style more, he's just as slick as Samart, mixing the classic stalker/forward mode with really good reading and countering. Didn't have the speed/power(still had a lot, just Samart was one tier up) or creativity though.

I think I'm gonna try to investigate the current crop of Khamsing fighters, see who's coming up.
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