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Originally Posted by ALTogethernow View Post
Garth "Would" Ko geale if geale had the guts!

Unlike Choc who fights the best australia has, geale runs from soliman repetedly. has nightmares about the bashing choc gave him, and would not go near the hood
Exactly right, that Australia has, as he's been hiding in his play pen too scared to venture out in case of a beating. Geale has just beatan a fighter far worthier than choc, in a hostile country, twice. Geale himself has voiced many times how satisfying it would be to flog choc, and offered him out twice. choc ran. Soliman will be his mandatory at some stage, so no dodging him. Garth wood? I dont know about that that one, but Garth isnt looking to fight Geale for obvious reasons.

You Mindine ****wits cant see the bigger picture, and ramble on with the same ****, and only when somone else achieves something you couldnt do you start the whinging and bite at the ankles like an old yapper.

****, maybe you lot should protest in the streets of sydney, at the injustice of representing such a **** talker.
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