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Default Re: geale logistics and variables for superfight

Originally Posted by mrdoctor View Post
the chavez/***y sergio fight put up a big stop for geale.***y has a broken hand plus torn ligament in knee.wont be ready for a fight in 3 months.
chavez is all banged up and needs a easy fight to get in the mood again.
these are the facts guys...looks like geales only chance is to fight triple ggg as a mandatory...big fight either way,tiple ggg got 700,000 ppv buys in his last fight.....looks like martinez will have a rest for a few months and have a superfight with cotto early next year.chavez moves up to super.
the other option is to fight sillyman but theres no interest.....
triple ggg vrs geale dec 2012 or feb 2013....
what u think...thoughts....?
Great win by Sergio Martinez, but rotten luck as far as a potential Daniel Geale superfight for 3 titles goes. Hard to anticipate Grange's next move. But I'm sure we'll find out in good time.
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