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Default Re: what if vitor pulls the upset and beats jones

Originally Posted by democritus2k View Post
It's weird, while I have nothing against Jones, I'm always hoping that someone would give him an asswhopin. Strangely enough, I feel the same way about Floyd Mayweather Jr. I find myself always rooting for the other guy, even though I realize that they have little if any chance of pulling it off. So far, I'm disappoint.
reading this post made me laugh because i feel the sameway, not as much for Jones but Mayweather, lol

i see Belfort having a tough match up with Jones. Yes Belfort is still very fast of hand, however so is Jones and Jon is so long and uses that length so well. As well Jones has great kicks and knees and Vitor's kicks annd knees are limited IMO. Thus i see Jones winning standing up and for sure on the ground. Yes without doubt Vitor could take out Jones as even a fighter as good as Jones can mispercieve and mistime a action/reaction and Belfor is the kind that can take one out really quickly if they shown vulnerablity after getting tagged and stunned.

Like alot of Mayweather fights however, i dont see it happening.

If i was Vitor i would waste too much energy in the first round but do so wuth a mission planned only on trying to catch Jones with a flurry of punches after hopefully tagging him BUT before that i would pretend that i was more SCARED then however SCARED i was of Jones for REAL.

In Belforts case he should be scared of Jones as its his BEST chance for VICTORY. I would go in BELIEVING that Jones had the ability to wack me around like a **** puppet and prepared to do the best i could to deal with that straight up
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