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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by stormy0 View Post
On the topic of natural talent and Samart, here's a clip of him and Malaipet doing some light technical sparring from 2005. Samart way past his prime, in his 40's, and still looking pretty good.

I think there's a mental component the most "natural" guys tap into, confidence, the ability to relax under pressure, have no fear and willingness to try techniques that others wouldn't. No doubt there are physical gifts they have too though.

I personally like Kongtoranee's style more, he's just as slick as Samart, mixing the classic stalker/forward mode with really good reading and countering. Didn't have the speed/power(still had a lot, just Samart was one tier up) or creativity though.

I think I'm gonna try to investigate the current crop of Khamsing fighters, see who's coming up.
Nice find that sparring clip.

I too like Kong's style, but there is something about his squat frame that causes my brain to see him as clumsier nad not as elegant as Samart, but that's proabaly just an illusion.

I think the realxed attitude you're talking about isn't just found in the super "natural" guys but most Thai fighters. The first thing that struck me about fighters in Thailand is just how unmacho the enviroment and bulid up to fights are. In the west there is abit of a toughman attutde to alot of gyms and the fight game and this spills out into trash talk and guys really psyching themselves upto fight or even sometimes spar, now in Thailand there is none of that at all.

They are just so matter of fact about fighting, it's as natural or as normal as going up the road to order a bowl of noodles. I think they get far more psyched and ramped up about chatting up chicks. This is why they fight so dam often compared to any other full contact fighters out there. Twice a month is easy for them, no problem. At Songkrahn the big national holiday, the one real time of the year when all Thais have the right to a break and a holiday, all the fighters leave the gyms and go home for a week or two but alot of them instaed of drinking loads of whisky and putting theier feet up go home and fight on local shows in their home towns in thier own time for a pittance.

I think this realaxed but adventurous attitude about fighting comes across even more so with the top boys.

By the way I just found this about one of Somluck's boyz. it maybe useful to you in your search for info, although this isn't the guy I was talking about above. Check Rob Cox's Muay Thai Focus site in the archives, I'm sure I remember reading some intersting stuff about his his fighters there.
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