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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Martinez would definitely get sparked by G-Man in a time machine.
Originally Posted by salsanchezfan View Post
I didn't bother watching it, but any time a Chavez loses, the sun shines just a bit brighter.

And yes, Martinez is not remotely close to a great middleweight. A guy like Hamsho eats him alive.
Current guy<<<<<<<<<<<<everyone before him.

It's like the most boring chorus of the worst song ever sung. By some Mormon tabernacle choir afterhours band. Chief Taunty Tongue and Dances with Dogs and getting a good shot that wobbled him aren't going to take the shine off of Martinez for embarrassing everyone who tried to take what's his without a fight in the first place. That's what matters, in the here and now where he's regarded as one of the best active fighters alive. And before "it's because everyone sucks now" stop, drop, roll, take a deep breath, and pop a few geritol and nap it off. You'll be fine.
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