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Jarrod NOW knows the level he has to achieve if he wants to be eating at the top table , good on him for coming and seeing for himself what has to be done , as for those screaming premature stoppage ? well yea i agree but anyone with eyes could see the difference in class between the two at this stage in their respective careers and whilst Billy Joe was only just starting Jarrod was in heaps of trouble after being caught with that mighty left , if it had continued i fear Fletch would have more than a few bumps and bruises this morning . Ps Kids like this are always welcome here the lad , his old dad and trainer are a credit to you .
I sure Fletcher regrets the early walk out of the ring and knows he wasn't robbed in any way. He let himself down a bit there. Maybe just the emotion of going all the way over there and getting his ass handed too him so badly and not expecting it.
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