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Default Re: huh? whats with the myth that pacquaio has got old and no longer in his prime.

Originally Posted by raichu View Post
course his got older, thats just life but..

you and i both watched him fight Bradley.

You and i were both shocked with the decision. very shocked.

come on, its the same old Manny, but just not fighting people who will stand infront of him, so he can unleash a 4 hit combo, jump to another different angle, unlesh a 3 hit combo, then get the hell out the way, continuously.

its the same old Manny who batterd Cotto to a pulp, and effectively ended Margarito's career and gave him one hell of a beating.

its the same bad ass Manny. Alot of people had Bradley winning before the fight (so did i), purely because his competition got better, it was the Desert Storm, but after the 12 rounds, i really thought pacquaio dominated. I think the Bradley fight kind of proved that he hasn't lost it, but people have adjusted to his style, and come better prepared, if Cotto II happened [@154], i think we would see that.

Hopefully as a fan, i hope i get to see THE fight in 2013, i dont need to mention his name do i? $$$$££££MONEY£££££$$$$

I would of said that in his next fight, pacmonster will show it, but its ATG Marquez, so i just dont know, i watched III, i was getting all excited to hear THE NEW, because you and i both thought Marquez won, because it should of been redemption we know how that ended up. this is not a match up i would bet on, cause i just dont know, which makes it more of a spectical. Must watch kind of thing.

Manny in 2012 is still as good as 2009 IMO. When a great fighter fights a good fighter, course his going to look great, but when a great fighter fights another great fighter, its hard to look great. its just because his fighting other great fighters who aint drained etc.

what you think world?
its called getting exposed brah
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