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Default Re: Dana going off on one!!! LOL

Originally Posted by Hooch View Post
I became an MMA fan because of the stacked cards and in turn being sick of ****ty cynical boxing cards, staying up all night for a garbage undercard only to have the main event be a massive anti climax, happens time and again.

The only reason the UFC can put these stacked cards on is by leveling the field and not paying silly money to main event fighters. Boxing is actually starting to take this route as shown by many Golden Boy/Top Rank shows now having more than 2 watchable fights, this alone proves White and the UFC have it spot on.

AS soon as fighters like Jones start dictating to the promotion the whole thing will fall like a deck of cards. We need to think outside the box here people.

The top fighters in the UFC will surely make more by towing the line, leaving the massive promotional machine that is the UFC to put you're name out there leaving you as a fighter open to all sorts of extra bonus dollar and notoriety.

eg does Dana White get any of Jones' Nike money?? does he see any of GSP's energy drink cash?? how about Rampage's A team royalties??

Just because Dana White sounds like a red kneck with a headache sometimes does not mean he is not right at least 99% of the time. His vision for the UFC has been nothing short of genius and the company is only half of what it could be, I for one will be devastated if it is stopped from being the world wide success it could be.

Wishing for more power to the fighter may sound all nice and PC but be careful what you wish for, look how much Paq and Floyd get payed to avoid each other when a person like big bad Dana ain't around keeping things in check.

Haggis Mac is right my brothers.

I would like someone to explain to me how it would have been better for the fans, the UFC or the sport in general if Dana had paid Chael $20 million and Anderson $25 million to fight.

Both guys earned multi-million dollar paydays anyway. But since Dana is apparently ripping everyone off, I wonder how much they should have been paid. Would $40 million between the two of them have been enough? And would that have been in the best interests of the sport or the fans?

And the same with a guy like Nam Phan, who has a small fan following but who is only just good enough to justify a place in the UFC. How much should he be getting paid? He's a company man who has been around for awhile. Should Dana be paying Nam Phan and everyone like him a million dollars per year? $150k per fight? How much is enough?

Personally, I think the substantial performance bonuses are great. You want an extra $40k (after taxes) in your pocket? Give your absolute best effort when you step into the cage. Make your fight stand out on the card. Make the fans roar in appreciation of your performance, and you'll be rewarded for going above and beyond.

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