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Default Re: huh? whats with the myth that pacquaio has got old and no longer in his prime.

I just said recently in the recent "morales-pac blood test" thread but again his speed has slowed. He's not as fast as he used to be but maybe that also can be attributed to him fighting more stationary fighters. Not taking away from his wins as beating Cotto, Morales, and Barrera are nothing to scoff at.

Yes Marquez gave him hell before this period of his lack of motivation since post-Cotto but even then he was more ruthless. Yes he still wanted to hurt him but something clearly at right with him atm which is mental and physical. He's had a long career, been fighting since being a scrawny kid, and reached multiple peak moments most never will so I don't blame him. Wish him the best and hopefully he has another great performance or two left in him.
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