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Default Re: MMA is in a Slump? Agree?

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
MMA is/was never really a fad. The problem is the UFC is now ubiquitous in the West. Because of this it represents the face of MMA. So when the UFC has a slump the assumption is MMA is going through a slump. The realityios the UFC is experiencing over exposure, saturation and a lack of name brand stars. Ultimately though most of this is because of Dana. If competition had been allowed to nestle side by side with the UFC, instead of his megalomaniac approach fans would still be arguing the toss online over their fantasy matchups. And MMA as a whole (in the West) would continue to have main stream appeal as well as solid competition. Without those options there is no real choice (in the West) but the UFC.
Whilst OneFC is doing a fine job MMA has waned badly in Japan. Many promotions that made MMA today have closed their doors, PRIDE, HEROs and even the K-1 has experienced serious turmoil. I'm not entirely sure what the UFC can do with a guy like Dana at the helm as something obviously needs to change. But the grass roots of MMA in Asia will never go away. Likewise neither with MMA in the West. But it may go back to the fringe sport in the West unless the UFC changes its product significantly and stops trying to tear the ass out of the market and its paying fans.
Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
The irony is those stars were grown in other promotions, plied their trade over the years and earned their stripes. The UFC rather than 'grow' stars as it used to with Chuck Tito and Randy now wants a SuperStar to just walk through its door and become the face of the brand. With the competitive nature of the roster guys will continue to emulate Greg Jackson () at every turn as many are effectively one fight away from loosing their spot. The UFC have simply made it too tough a business for fighters. The demands are almost akin to the WWE. Either suck it up or leave for the bush leagues.
Good couple of posts.
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