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Default Re: Danny Green V Shane Cameron

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It makes him a 4 time world champion when he wins.As for Cameron the Ammann fight was 5kg over CW so that doesn't count. Didn't see McCracken fight but was impressed with his fight against Vea but hes hardly world class. He fought Santiago at 185 maybe he can't make 175. Pascal and Cleverly have other fights anyway. Just a retirement fight to say he was a 4 time WC 1 more than Mundine.
Yep your right. 4 time is the theory, though going back to the IBO kills me, for a vacant title. I'm not sure I understand how he wouldnt be able to make LHW, a weight he fought at for several years and even made SMW though only just. I mean its not like he's a growing boy whose frame has changed, and even if his metabolism is slowing down I would have still thought it possible through diet and conditioning.
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