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Default Re: Prime Vitali vs. Prime Lewis.

A Prep an ready to go Vitali, war is what we see for the first 6 rounds, come 7th "iron fist" (he yet to get his doctorate) is still walking threw punches, lewis is not, lennox uses his fast twich fibers an begins to move out of harms way, the trading is done, he trying to get distance, vitali taunting him with his arms down, nothing but side to side an backward movment from lewis, a few paw from his weakened body, he is begining to run. Then vitali in the 8th lands a big one, one that lewis can not walk threw again, nor run from, the brit (or jamacian or canadian or san fransicoian)is down, as he rises an makes it threw the round, we see the fight stopped, while running out of harms way after being knockdown in the 8th, lewis lands on Vitali eye lid, blowing open a big gash, blood pooring out, as vitali is up on the card 6 rounds to 1 (one point deduction for the knockdown), stewart in his crafty corner skills, gives a dirty look to the ref an doctor, the trainers eyes saying "why is this fight still happening", they begin the next round, the cut mans work just can't hold, not gushing, there has been worst bleeding, but they waive it off, lewis was running not even going for the eye but trying to keep his self up, but the looks from an old hand like stewart, the knowlege of knowing Lewis is an HBO boxer, an the white hype is suppost to lose, they (ref an doctor) wave the fight off in the 9th,,,,,TKO for lewis, an a few months later, he retires an enjoyes the rest of his life in london,

years later, telling of the great victory over the reigning champ back in 1999, he is calling Vitali "Dr. Iron Fist" Klitschko fight...."Jim (lampley), you see how hayes is moving side to side, that is the tactic i used before being the last guy to beat the Champ 13 years ago, i was trying to time it, that's the pointer i gave the Haymaker",.....Kellerman not missing a beat, "i thought you told him to say he is retiring after this fight, i thought that was the best advice you could give him".... Lennox, never angry lets out a laugh with a smile....Ha ha ha ha, "i got the TKO, did't I"....Seconds later, hayes is down,.....Jim.."at least we know hayes is retiring, good advice lennox, these brothers are just alittle to tough".....Lennox "Maybe for a hundred million pounds, i might just be tempted to get in an end the Champs reign .......Ha ha ha they all laugh

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