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Default Re: Danny Green V Shane Cameron

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
but there has been no indication that it is at a catchweight, no matter what you speculate, if they both come in under 200 pounds and over 175 pounds then it is a cruiserweight fight. and you only seem to call green out on the catchweights, which have been a part of boxing for decades now , and shouldnt be an issue if all parties agree to it. As someone stated before forget about the trinket, it's the ibo and has no relevance. As a cruiserweight fight it is a decent 50/50 matchup, Im not happy that green chose to fight cameron but that is his perrogative.

If its a good fight I don't see why he shouldn't fight Cameron.

I'm more inclined to say its not the title that's important its the man holding it.

If Green beats Cameron the title is as good as the light heavyweight title would be if he beat Cleverly.

Who has this Cleverly chap beaten anyway? I'm pretty sure light heavy is the most **** weak division going around at the moment.
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