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Default Re: After seeing Martinez tonight, im not convinced Geale could handle him

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
Youre right about Martinez. Very classy, and he shows experience, not age. Movement and work rate are Geales bread and butter. Fighters find it hard to go with him when he dictates the pace, as shown with sturm and karmizen. He beat sylvestor with superior movement.

Would be a great fight, and Geales biggest test.
Well said. Especially about Martinez' "experience not age" Chavez Jr Vs Martinez is a perfect example. And "fighters find it hard to go with him when he dictates the pace... " Mundine Vs Geale a perfect example in my opinion.
My thoughts exactly. Would love to see this fight! Mos Def not a mismatch but a clash of workrates and fitness.
As much as i am a fan of Geale and not the biggest fan of Martinez. At this present time, i'd have to say Martinez by a SD .... Only for the moment though.... Martinez needs to unify then retire .... Quickly.... If he leaves it to long.... Well we all know what happened to my boy Roy Jones Jr.....

Getting old overnite happens to the best of em'....
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